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Surgical/Sedation Release Form

I hereby authorize and direct the veterinarians of Rock Hill Animal Hospital to perform the procedures and additional diagnostics and/or treatment as deemed advisable for my pet. The nature of the procedure(s) has/have been explained to me and no guarantee has been made as to the results or cure.  

I understand that there may be risks involved in some or all of these procedures. I agree to pay, in full, for services rendered, including those deemed necessary for medical or surgical complications or unforeseen circumstances. Any estimates or charges for the planned procedures are only approximations, and the final bill may be greater or less than these amounts. All services must be paid for when the patient is released. Some procedures may require up to 75% deposit before the procedure.  

We recommend that pre-anesthetic blood tests be performed before the administration of anesthesia. These tests can help us detect anemia, dehydration, diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease. All these conditions can contribute to complications in anesthesia and surgery.

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